Previously-Owned Cheap Car Rentals Open Cost Saving Deals For Budget Travelers

Keeping your car clean can mean having that car for a lot longer. Find out tips for purchasing items to keep your car pristine.

Previously-Owned Cheap Car Rentals Open Cost Saving Deals For Budget Travelers

Previously-Owned Cheap Car Rentals Open Cost Saving Deals For Budget Travelers

19 January 2017
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Deals and discounts are commonly available from major car rental services. Unfortunately, many budget travelers may find the costs associated with standard monthly rentals to be out of their price range. Such travelers may wish to look outside the standard "normal" car rental services and seek out those companies that rent older, previously-owned autos. Certain rental companies understand travelers and locals who need a temporary rental often just need to get from one destination to another. These rental companies purchase relatively high-mileage older cars and make them available at cut rate prices. The deals sound good, but potential customers may wonder if renting such a vehicle is right for them. Weighing a few options definitely assists with making the best decision.

Review Available Maintenance Reports

National services exist to log the maintenance reports of private owned vehicles by tracking the VIN number with routine and not-so-routine service. The reports may reveal whether or not fluids have been changed regularly, how old the brakes are, whether or not the vehicle was in a crash. Even if a detailed report is available, ask the rental service about any known service done on the car. Selecting a previously owned vehicle that was in the hands of responsible and caring owner should instill confidence in the renter.

Examine the Per Mileage Rate

Cheap car rentals of this nature sometimes come with a low weekly or monthly fee combined with a nominal fee per mile. A choice can be made between taking this deal and a much higher flat weekly/monthly fee absent the per mile cost. Budget car renters absolutely want to save money so they may gravitate towards the "low fee plus mileage cost" deal. Only take such a deal after properly determining how much driving will be done. The per mile option could end up being extremely costly if the renter does a lot of driving or spends a lot of time on the road. This option really should be reserved for those who are not driving often or are not driving far distances. Auditing one's travel routes and use is necessary before choosing a plan.

Plan Alternative Travel

Travelers attending a formal, professional, and public event might need to keep up appearances when arriving at a destination. If so, then simply rent a different car for one day or take advantage of a ride sharing service. Why spend a lot of money unnecessarily on days when the car won't be subject to anyone's opinion or scrutiny?

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