3 Car Maintenance Tips For Your Toyota

Keeping your car clean can mean having that car for a lot longer. Find out tips for purchasing items to keep your car pristine.

3 Car Maintenance Tips For Your Toyota

3 Car Maintenance Tips For Your Toyota

13 January 2016
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The overall care of your Toyota will be in good hands when you decide to maintain it regularly and prudently. This will help you to get excellent performance out of your car for the long term and will make sure that your investment remains sound. If this is what you are in need of but don't know where to start, consider these three valuable car maintenance tips and apply them to your Toyota vehicle. 

Car Maintenance Tip #1: Care For Your Transmission

The transmission in your Toyota is the component that allows it to change gears, decelerate and accelerate, without burning out the engine and any other components. This means that taking care of the transmission will keep the health of the entire vehicle intact. You should periodically check on your transmission fluid quality, to make sure it is not dull and gritty. You should also take your vehicle in for transmission maintenance at intervals between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the year and model of your vehicle. This will keep your vehicle at its best over the long term.

Car Maintenance Tip #2: Keep Your Engine Oil Changed

You must make sure that your engine remains strong and useful, and the easiest and most important step for that is to keep your oil changed. When you go under the hood and check the quality of your oil, it should always look light brown like tea, as opposed to jet black like coffee. If your oil begins to get too dirty, you'll need to have it changed. Also be mindful of the smell -- your oil should never smell burnt. Aside from the eye and nose test, you should get your oil changed at about 7,500 mile intervals if it is a 2008 Toyota or newer and at about 5,000 mile intervals if it is a 2007 Toyota or older, or at 6-month intervals, whichever happens soonest.

Car Maintenance Tip #3: Buy A Preventative Maintenance Contract

To make the most of your vehicle condition, touch base with a Toyota dealership or another credible auto shop, in order to get a preventative maintenance contract. These maintenance contracts will allow you to get frequent service on your automobile on the front end, so that you are not having to rack up expensive repairs on the back end. This is one of the best investments that you can make into your automobile. 

Consider these three car maintenance tips and touch base with a Toyota dealership or Toyota repair shop that can help you out. 

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