3 Possible Causes Of Excessive Ring And Pinion Gear Noise

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3 Possible Causes Of Excessive Ring And Pinion Gear Noise

3 Possible Causes Of Excessive Ring And Pinion Gear Noise

24 February 2017
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Your vehicle's drivetrain features a ring and pinion gear that allows the rear wheels to begin turning when power is applied to the car. These gears are critical to the proper function of your car. Most drivers don't pay any attention to the ring and pinion gear until this part begins to malfunction.

A common complaint is excessive noise coming from the drivetrain during use. Here are three possible explanations for the excessive noise coming from your car's ring and pinion gear.

1. A numerically higher gear set.

Before you start to worry that the excessive noise coming from your vehicle's ring and pinion gear may be a sign of serious damage, it's important to recognize that some gears naturally create more noise than others.

Gear sets are numbered, and numerically higher gear sets are typically louder than gear sets with a lower assigned number. You should have your mechanic take a look at your ring and pinion gear to determine if the amount of noise coming from the part is normal.

2. Improper spacing.

When repairs are made to the drivetrain, the ring and pinion gear can be replaced with an aftermarket part. Since some aftermarket parts feature different spacing than the original factory gear, you may notice more noise coming from your car's gear set once an aftermarket gear has been installed.

Your mechanic can easily eliminate any excess noise caused by improper spacing by using a pinion depth setting tool to correct the spacing issue.

3. Improper tooth contact.

As the ring and pinion gear works to power your vehicle, the teeth featured on the gear must maintain proper contact in order to function properly. When the gear slips a little during normal driving, you may notice some excessive noise coming from your car's drivetrain.

Your mechanic can use a marking compound to determine if improper tooth contact is to blame for the noise you hear while driving. This compound leaves behind a temporary mark where the gear teeth come into contact with one another. Proper contact points are near the inner ring of the gear, so your mechanic will be able to adjust the gear depth to correct improper tooth contact to eliminate excessive noise.

Being able to identify some common reasons why your ring and pinion gear is making a lot of noise will help you ensure that this important gear remains in good condition over the life of your vehicle.

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