Need To Get Your Car Across The Country? Understanding Your Options

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Need To Get Your Car Across The Country? Understanding Your Options

Need To Get Your Car Across The Country? Understanding Your Options

20 January 2017
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Whether you are moving or bought a car from someone far away, getting your car across the country can be a difficult dilemma. It is an expense you need to consider when planning the move or buying the vehicle. It is important to consider all the expenses involved in whichever decision you make. You may be surprised at which option is actually going to be the least expensive. Consider the following.

Fly One Way and Drive the Other

One option many consider first is to fly one way and then drive the car yourself the other. If you bought the car you would fly to where it is and then drive it home. If you are moving to a new home, you would drive back to your first home to get the car and drive it to the new one.

Either of these can pose a few problems. Are you ready and able to do the drive alone? If not, you will need to take someone with you. This will mean two flight tickets and two of you missing work to make the drive. How much time will it take to safely drive the one way? Can you afford to miss this much time from work? Be sure to add in meals and lodging for the trip in the car. Also, if you are picking up a car you just bought, what will you need to do to make it legal to drive home and how much will all that cost?

Advertise for Someone to Drive the Car to Where It Needs to Be

It is possible to advertise online or in a local newspaper for someone to drive the car for you. If you can find someone trying to get to the car's destination, you won't have to worry about paying for a flight for the return trip. Of course, you have to be able to trust the person. This means taking the time to find and check references and request a copy of their driving license report from the DMV.

While this person may be willing to do the driving at no cost since he or she is trying to get where the car is going, you will still have to pay for gas. If the person isn't going to be staying at the destination location, you will need to pay for his or her time as well as any food or lodging needed for the trip and for the return flight.

Use Professional Auto Shippers

There are companies that specialize in shipping vehicles. Yours would be put on a carrier truck and hauled to where it needs to go. Since the company will probably be taking more than one vehicle or will have a vehicle to pick up at your car's destination, you do not have to worry about paying for both trips. Your car will not be driven so there will be a smaller chance of it being damaged in an accident and there will be no added wear and tear to it. It is not going to break down on the drive either. In addition, your car will be covered by the company's insurance if something does go wrong.

Contact a professional company, such as All Four Transport, to find out how much it would cost to have your vehicle shipped. When you consider all the other expenses you may find that it will be the least expensive of the options.

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