Paint An Aluminum Cargo Trailer And Secure Decals To Each Side Of It

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Paint An Aluminum Cargo Trailer And Secure Decals To Each Side Of It

Paint An Aluminum Cargo Trailer And Secure Decals To Each Side Of It

12 January 2017
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If you recently purchased a previously-owned aluminum cargo trailer that will be used to haul around your prized ponies, provide the trailer with a fresh appearance by adding a customized paint job to its exterior. Afterward, secure personalized decals to the sides of the trailer that have your name and a picture of ponies printed on them so that whenever you are on the road people passing by will be aware of your presence.


  • automotive detergent
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • deck brush
  • handheld scrub brush
  • painter's tape
  • vinyl tarps
  • paint gun
  • automotive primer
  • automotive paint
  • ruler
  • self-adhesive vinyl decals
  • paint roller

Clean The Trailer's Exterior And Apply Primer

Add automotive detergent and water to a bucket. Use a deck brush to apply the cleaning solution to the trailer's exterior. Dirt that is trapped in small crevices can be loosened and removed with a handheld scrub brush. Rinse the cargo trailer's exterior off with a water hose. Wait for the aluminum surface to dry. Use strips of painter's tape to cover trim, the license plate that is secured to the trailer, and any other details that you do not want exposed to primer.

Lay vinyl tarps on the ground, next to each side of the trailer. Fill a paint gun's tank with automotive primer. Hold the gun's tip several feet away from the trailer as you press the gun's trigger. Move the gun up and down in straight lines as the primer is emitted so that the trailer is covered evenly. Wait a few hours for the primer to dry.

Apply Paint And Secure Vinyl Decals

Empty excess primer from the paint gun's tank. Rinse out the tank with a water hose. Fill the tank with automotive paint. Use the paint gun to apply an even coat of paint to each side of the cargo trailer. Wait for the paint to dry, and add a second coat if the color of the first coat isn't as deep as you would like it to be or if primer is showing through the paint in any areas. Wait for the second coat of paint to dry.

Use a ruler to assist with lining up the decals across each side of the trailer. Peel off the backing from each decal. Press the decals firmly against the sides of the trailer. Move a clean paint roller firmly over the decals to flatten them against the trailer's surface.

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