Tips To Make Winter RVing Possible

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Tips To Make Winter RVing Possible

Tips To Make Winter RVing Possible

3 December 2014
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The cold of winter does not have to mean an end to your RV excursions. Although not quite as popular as fair weather RVing, winter RVing is something that can be quite enjoyable. The benefits of RVing during the winter include snowy landscapes to enjoy, lower rates at your favorite RV parks and having the ability to visit your family that is scattered across the country without paying the excessive hotel rates during the holiday season. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you stay comfortable while RVing during the winter.

Planning for Travel

Winter weather is as unpredictable as it comes. Although the weather is clear in one area, it could be treacherous a few miles up the road. Always give yourself enough time to make it to your destination on time safely.

Driving your RV in areas where the temperatures are low could cause problems with your diesel fuel system. Use an additive in your fuel to keep it from jelling up when the temperatures drop. Also, check the antifreeze that is in the RV. It needs to protect the fluid from freezing in the temperatures where you will be traveling. If it is not rated for temperatures as low as where you will be traveling, drain it and refill it with lower rated antifreeze.

If your RV was not built for cold weather use, apply heat tape to the water and drainage lines. This heat tape plugs into the electrical system and keeps the plumbing warm enough to prevent freezing.

If you are departing from cold temperatures, warm the RV up by running the furnace for at least a half day before you leave. This will help to raise the internal temperature of the RV and make it safe to fill the water reservoir and get it comfortable for travel.

While Parked

If you plan to use your RV for extended winter outings, you may want to invest in a few things that will make your stay more comfortable and more efficient.

  1. Purchase plastic panels and attach Velcro stripping to the windows and the walls around the windows. Put the plastic panels over the windows to prevent heat loss.
  2. Purchase a skirting kit for your RV. Some of the more expensive models are very easy to open up and protect the underside of your RV from cold air. Cheaper versions of RV skirting can be difficult to put in place, but will serve the same purpose.

These tips can help you make your winter RV outings possible. Discuss further preparations with your local RV dealership or a repair shop such as Coopers Auto Repair Specialists to learn of other ways to make your winter RV excursions more enjoyable and less damaging to your RV.

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